20M alive when I got home

Got home aroung 01:00 UTC today and decided to flip the switch on the radio and found 20m on JT65 pretty active.  The waterfall was loaded.  Stayed on till just before 03:00 UTC and made a few contacts.  Asiatic Russia was the furtherest and popped around the US a bit.  Band is dying at the moment.  When I started psk reporter was reporting me all over North America and into Japan. By the time I finished my only report was coming from Surrey about 4km from my QTH. Will see if it strenghtens again a little later.


Fan Dipole Antennas

Fan Dipole

This brings back memories when I was first getting into amateur radio in the early 80’s  Being confined into a condo this antenna gave me many contacts and was partially stelth at the same time.  Check out the links from dxzone.com.  Great do it yourself projects.


CQ CQ all Children

Santa Claus

From Santa Claus World, Lapland – Findland.  For details check out DXZone


ARRL 10 Meter Contest This Weekend

Keep in mind the ARRL 10 Meter Contest starts Saturday Dec. 13 at 00:00 UTC and continues till Sunday Dec 14 at 23:59 UTC.  Possibility this could be a good year to work this contest with the band conditions not to bad.  CW & Phone only.  You can find the rules at ARRL 10 Meter Contest


Yaesu FT2DR Fusion Radio Available In 2015

Sometime in 2015 the FT2DR C4FM/FM dual band radio will be available.  This radio is Fusion compatible.  Easy operation with large tough display.  On the digital side it has snapshot (image data transmission)  For more information google Yaesu FT2DR and you will find more info.  It appears when available this will be a nice addition to Yaesu’s line.


DX Engineering Acquires Bencher & Butternut

DX Engineering

Read the article in DX Zone