Burnaby Amateur Radio Swap Meet

The Burnaby Amateur Radio Swap Meet is just a little over three weeks away on Sunday Feburary 22.  If you haven’t already marked your calendars do so as this is always one of the priemier events in amateur radio in south western BC.

The venue is Queensbourgh Recreational Center at 920 Ewan Ave.  Doors open to the public at 10:00 am.  Full details can be found on Burnaby Amateur Radio’s website. @ve7bar #hamradio #hamr

Aussie pico balloon downed

For those following the Pico Balloon it appears it has gone down again.
After a period of silence, it’s believed the small solar-powered pico balloon from Australia went down north-east of New Zealand, probably due to rain and ice in the area.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT reports that PS-31 gave out its final JT9 packet message and was lost.

The balloon, launched from Melbourne Australia on Saturday January 24, manoeuvred forming an s-shape but was lost after as dark fell and it was across the International Dateline in the South Pacific.

Andy VK3YT who launched both the PS-31 and PS-32 balloons says “Thanks everyone for tracking, and hope PS-32 (the other balloon) will keep going for much longer.”

PS-32 with the VK3ANH callsign continues to be tracked and is over the Southern Ocean. It was put up from Woori Yallock 56kms east of Melbourne on January 26, and is taking a solar route before hopefully travelling around Cape Horn in South America.

Like all recent balloons in the series launched by Andy VK3YT for the Southern Hemisphere, it is fitted with QRP transmission of both WSPR and JT9 giving trackers the location, speed and altitude along with other data.

Jim Linton VK3PC

New PS-31pico balloon

Another small solar-powered balloon was launched from Melbourne Australia early on Saturday January 24, carrying an Amateur Radio payload, and is flying as predicted.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT launched the balloon that is fitted with a 20mW transmitter on WSPR and JT9 using 30m and 20m, for location, altitude, speed and other data.

He explained that with dial frequency 10.138700 MHz and 14.095600 MHz (standard WSPR dial frequencies), these will put WSPR at 1400 Hz-1600 Hz, and JT9 at 1000 Hz, allowing decoding of both WSPR and JT9 without changing frequency on each band.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT had launched the PS-30 balloon on December 27, travelling eastward via New Zealand, South America, on January 16, it went down after 20 days during a storm at Madagascar just east of Africa.

The new balloon PS-31 has so far followed the predicted path over the east coast of Tasmania and reported by New Zealand, where it is to loop back over, before resuming an easterly flight toward the International Dateline in the Pacific Ocean.

In future, if all goes well, it could head for South America like its predecessor.

The world is listening and more trackers are invited. How far it will go is a mystery.

See the decoding information at http://picospace.net/?cat=34
Tracking as PS-31 on SNUS http://picospace.net/tracker/new
WSPR call sign is VK3YT http://wsprnet.org/olddb?findcall=vk3yt

Jim Linton VK3PC

Free Online Magazine dedicated To Antennas And Amateur Radio

One of our members passes this along.

Free online magazine Antentop 01- 2014 is ready.>
It contains 41+ topics. There are:>
Antenna Theory: Linear Array Theory- Part II>
HF- Antenna Practice: 44 Feet Dipole. Where is theTruth?: LawnAntenna: Buried Antennas forEmergency Communications: Simple Broadband Antenna forthe 40- meter Band: Directional Antenna UA6AGWV. 7.00: Antenna UA6AGW in Experimenters byRU1OZ : Antenna UA6AGW V.40.20:Field Antenna UA6AGW V.40.21: ShortenedAntenna G5RV for 14- 50- MHz Bands: Shortened Dipole Balcony Antenna for the 20- meterBand: SimpleWindow Loop Antenna: SimpleFolded Dipole Antenna for the 20- meter Band: SimpleWire Antenna for All HF- Bands: TwinTriangle Antenna for the 10- meter Band: CompactTwin Delta Antenna for the 80- and 40- meter Bands: Delta Antenna for 80-. 40-, 20- and 15- meter Bands:Windom UA6CA for 80-, 40-, 20- and 10- meter Bands: Air Plane HF Antennas>
And other chapters: VHF- UHF Antennas, TV Antennas, UsefulPieces, Tube Transceiver, Tube Transmitters, Regenerative Receivers, Antenna Tuning Units and so on.>

Thanks for sharing


Sadly PS-30 pico flight ends

One of our members has passed this along to us.

The small pico party-type balloon from Australia has not made it home and crashed near Madagascar just east of Africa.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT who put the balloon up in Melbourne on December 27, reports it went down early on January 16, just 25 hours short of three weeks in the air.

Andy VK3YT says: “There was some bad weather in the region, but speculations also include the possibility it was brought down (attacked) by the naughty Penguins on the Island.”

A number of radio amateurs from South Africa reported that PS-30 had stopped flying and was down. It had travelled easterly across to the southern tip of New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean to South America, then to Southern Africa, and had a forecast path to Australia.

thanks for sharing although not good news.

Which handed Are You

Talking with one of our fellow members the other day  he brought up an interesting point, something at least consiously I have never thought about before.

We were talking about HF radios and I was telling him I was thinking about a new radio.  He pointed out to me that some manufaturers have a lot of their dials on the left side and others have them on the right side.  At first I thought “so what.”  Then the more I thought about it what he is was saying was if your right handed and the important dials are on the left then your arm is  crossing across the radio to get at them.

When I first got into this hobby I was strictly a dyed in the wool Kenwood person.  There dials are on the right side and for me anyways much easier to access.  About ten years ago for whatever reasons I switched to ICOM.  There dials are on the left (at least on my two radios) and now I’m aware that I have to cross my arm in front of the radio to get to the important dials.  Not sure whether to thank him or be mad at him for putting me onto this.

The point of all of this is if you are, or when considering a new rig, it might be something to put on your wish list as to a preference.