Which handed Are You

Talking with one of our fellow members the other day  he brought up an interesting point, something at least consiously I have never thought about before.

We were talking about HF radios and I was telling him I was thinking about a new radio.  He pointed out to me that some manufaturers have a lot of their dials on the left side and others have them on the right side.  At first I thought “so what.”  Then the more I thought about it what he is was saying was if your right handed and the important dials are on the left then your arm is  crossing across the radio to get at them.

When I first got into this hobby I was strictly a dyed in the wool Kenwood person.  There dials are on the right side and for me anyways much easier to access.  About ten years ago for whatever reasons I switched to ICOM.  There dials are on the left (at least on my two radios) and now I’m aware that I have to cross my arm in front of the radio to get to the important dials.  Not sure whether to thank him or be mad at him for putting me onto this.

The point of all of this is if you are, or when considering a new rig, it might be something to put on your wish list as to a preference.