New PS-31pico balloon

Another small solar-powered balloon was launched from Melbourne Australia early on Saturday January 24, carrying an Amateur Radio payload, and is flying as predicted.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT launched the balloon that is fitted with a 20mW transmitter on WSPR and JT9 using 30m and 20m, for location, altitude, speed and other data.

He explained that with dial frequency 10.138700 MHz and 14.095600 MHz (standard WSPR dial frequencies), these will put WSPR at 1400 Hz-1600 Hz, and JT9 at 1000 Hz, allowing decoding of both WSPR and JT9 without changing frequency on each band.

Andy Nguyen VK3YT had launched the PS-30 balloon on December 27, travelling eastward via New Zealand, South America, on January 16, it went down after 20 days during a storm at Madagascar just east of Africa.

The new balloon PS-31 has so far followed the predicted path over the east coast of Tasmania and reported by New Zealand, where it is to loop back over, before resuming an easterly flight toward the International Dateline in the Pacific Ocean.

In future, if all goes well, it could head for South America like its predecessor.

The world is listening and more trackers are invited. How far it will go is a mystery.

See the decoding information at
Tracking as PS-31 on SNUS
WSPR call sign is VK3YT

Jim Linton VK3PC