Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Mind

Just curious how many hams before they turn on the radio consult one of the data prediction charts and base their operating on what bands the charts say are open?  I also wonder how many try a closed band just to see if it’s open or not?  In my case to switch bands I have to resize the counterpoise and adjust the coil setting so it’s not the 1-2-3 bingo I’m done routine.  But, it’s amazing how many times the charts say a band is closed or poor and you try it out to fine there are a load of contacts to be scooped up.

All I’m really saying is don’t give up on a band because the charts give it a poor rating for that day, hour or minute. Just go for it and see what new horizons it opens for you.


VE7VIC Folks Need Your Help

WARA is looking for donations of parts and equipment for projects such as the building at Triangle Mountain 850 ft elevation. Significant construction and finishing work has taken place in Feb. Donated material and labour $4800 equivalent plus the donation of land and tower space by Muir Communicaitons. Various repeaters and internet equipment will be installed. The picture below shows an exterior view.  If you can help out check

Repeater Site

Is It Just Me Or Is There A Swing Away From VHF/UHF Back To HF

In the last month I have talked to three or four hams who have said they are back on HF and not paying much attention to VHF/UHF anymore.  For me I started swinging back to HF over a year ago.  I thought it was just me but now I’m hearing other amateurs saying the same thing.  In my case I have just found the PSK and JT65 modes a lot more fun to play with.  I have nothing against the VHF/UHF bands and I still use it to keep in touch with a few hams but I’m not constantly monitoring the repeaters like ten years ago.  Is it possible as Bob Dylan said “The Times They Are A-Changin”

Working DP1POL actually was the easiest contact all day

DP1POL, the German research station working in Antartica turned out to be one of my easiest contacts all day.

As some of you know I have been questioning the accuracy of PSK Reporter for various reasons.  One reason was the reporting of DP1POL.  In this case I couldn’t understand how on my QRP rig would report me being picked up by him but I would never see him available on my software to work. I could see other stations working him.

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Interesting JT65 Weekend

I have been using my QRP rig for JT65 ever since a ham buddy got me started in this mode back in July, 2014.  It’s been nothing on my 10 watts to work all around North America, Japan, and Russia with ease.  Throw in some other DX and I was a pretty happy camper.  For the most part when the bands were open the Q’s were there ready to be plucked.

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