Interesting JT65 Weekend

I have been using my QRP rig for JT65 ever since a ham buddy got me started in this mode back in July, 2014.  It’s been nothing on my 10 watts to work all around North America, Japan, and Russia with ease.  Throw in some other DX and I was a pretty happy camper.  For the most part when the bands were open the Q’s were there ready to be plucked.

I decided on Friday night that maybe I should take the Signalink and computer into the other room and juice up the power a bit and work with the beam instead of the home brew 20M dipole I have been using.

Saturday morning I got the Signalink hooked up and computer connected and wow there was Europe booming in on 10 meters and I thought I hit the mother load.  Except, I forgot a few steps and I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any hits on my CQ’s.  Well to start with as opposed to my qrp rig where it’s plug and play I forgot on this rig I had to set it to data for it to transmit.  By the time I got that figured out plus a couple of other settings Europe had pretty well died for the day.  Oh well there were some South Americians on so it thought I would give it a try.  Again a no go. So I resulted to the RTFM procedure.  I fiddled here and fiddled there.  Twisted this dial and pushed that switch.

What was frustrating me now was I could answer a CQ with some success but I wasn’t getting any hits by sending a CQ.  Back to the manual I went and read and re read the data sections.  Everything was set right.  Finally in the evening I did get an Argentian answering my CQ.  Still I wasn’t statisfed with the results I was use to with the QRP rig.  That meant watching TV for the rest of the night and getting a fresh start in the morning.

Sunday morning I thought why fiddle anymore lets just reset the radio and start fresh.  Why frustrate myself anymore by adjusting this, turning this on or off.  I reset the radio and boom everything was normal again.  The waterfall was full and my CQ’s were being answered.  After returning from going out to dinner I was a little surprised 20 meters was still open but another answered CQ from Argentina and two from Russia, one answering his CQ and the second one he just called me.  Throw in a few from the U.S. and I’m a happy camper again.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Any of of our members have any good stories from the weekend?



One thought on “Interesting JT65 Weekend

  1. Just as a follow up, being still not statisfied the way things were working, I posted a note on the group site to the authour of the software to explain a couple of things to me. Part of his reply to me was a bad antenna is better then a beam. Could this be! So as an experiment I hooked the computer and laptop back up to the QRP rig in the other room and back to using my homemade 20m dipole. Now I’m back to being a truly happy camper. I have no problems working others, and my CQ calls are being answered quickly rather then one here and one here. I have learned with JT65 keep the power down and don’t worry about the antenna.
    Now back to the radio and see who I can get to come out of the wood work. Hi Hi!


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