Working DP1POL actually was the easiest contact all day

DP1POL, the German research station working in Antartica turned out to be one of my easiest contacts all day.

As some of you know I have been questioning the accuracy of PSK Reporter for various reasons.  One reason was the reporting of DP1POL.  In this case I couldn’t understand how on my QRP rig would report me being picked up by him but I would never see him available on my software to work. I could see other stations working him.

Last night being on my ICOM 746 Pro and the beam he showed up on my screen as he was working somebody else.  So I thought, what have I got to loose, so I made a call to him and voila on the first try he came back to me.

Of course my software had to act up as we started but never the less I somehow made it through the contact and DP1POL is now officially in the log book and I have my first contact into Antartica.  The mode was JT65 and if memory serves me correctly I believe he will be active until Feb 15.  I’ve only seen him on 20m.