My Week In Amateur Radio

Well this turned out to be an educational, rewarding and very enjoyable week in amateur radio.  Started off on Sunday thinking that I had this JT65 mastered and would be pulling in all the DX by hooking my equipment up to the beam and the ICOM 746 PRO only to find that I was only meeting with some success.

Yes, I did work Spain, New Zealand, Argentina (3) and Uruguay but there was so much inconsistency I wasn’t having the fun I thought I would.  But the highlight for DX was working the German Research Station DP1POL in Antarctia.  Having posting a question on the Beat’s group site about by issues he told me a bad antenna was better then a beam for receiving.  The beam was OK for transmitting.

On Thursday I decided to heck with it and moved back to my ICOM 703 QRP rig and homebrew 20m dipole and although not working that much DX it’s back to fun time working around North America.  This evening (Saturday, Feb 14) I even had two mini pileups come my way plus out of the clear blue a JA and RA spotted me on the waterfall and called me. That was a blast!  Have  another JA and RA in the logbook now.

Thursday morning it was off to Fresgo for our weekly gab session with hams I have been friends with for quite sometime.The big highlight of the week though was meeting up with a couple of hams I haven’t seen for sometime catching up on what’s been happening. They are now our newest members of Coastal Ham Radio. It was great to see them and it’s in the works for us to meet up next month again.  I can’t wait.

I trust the rest of you had a good week also, drop me a note and we will post it.