Repeater Day April 11

Many repeaters over the last several years have increasingly gone very quite.  In an attempt to to get people using these repeaters again Coastal Ham Radio is asking all amateurs to be active on April 11 between 11:00 and 15:00.  Details can be found on our site.


2 Metre Day

There has been a lot of talk about the lack of activity on the various repeaters around the lower mainland.  A group in the UK have made March 28 2M day in an attempt to get more activity on the band.  This sounds like a good project for around here.  You can read the article below. Continue reading

Vibroplex Purchases Bencher Amateur Radio Product Line

Bencher Inc has announced the sale of its Amateur Radio product line to Vibroplex LLC of Knoxville, Tennessee, owned by Scott Robbins, W4PA.

“This sale ends Bencher’s presence in the Amateur Radio field, thus allowing the principals, Jere Benedict, President, and Bob Locher, W9KNI, to move towards retirement,” the announcement said. Continue reading


RSGB announces Eclipse QSO Party to study propagation

The RSGB Contest Committee has announced an Eclipse QSO Party, in cooperation with the Propagation Studies Committee, during the partial eclipse on March 20. According to the RSGB, the event is not a contest, but some RSGB Contest Committee software and web facilities will be used to collect and display activity reports. Continue reading


More Thoughts From An Idle Mind

Watching all the call signs listed on the waterfall got me thinking.  As I watched suffixes PDF, TNC and LOL scroll past couldn’t help to wonder if those folks had those suffixes when they were just letters or after the computer world made them household names.  Like I said ‘Just Curious.’ Continue reading


Where Have All The Young Hams Gone

Interesting read from Southgate Radio News.  Their thoughts probably reflect what is happening in North America also.


Another weekend project

Another interesting weekend project as passed onto me by one of our members.  What do you think should we make this a club project?


Bottle Radio

Taking us back to our childhood with this weekend project as listed on DX Zone.  Excellent how to video.  Looks likes fun for all ages.  Why not get involved with the younger generation and build one together?


CW Geek’s Guide To Having Fun With Morse Code

Besides actually learning the code this book explains how to get on the air, getting a key and more.