Items For Sale

(John Brodie (VA7XB) has a fair quantity of items for sale.  If interested please contact John directly.  All info below.)

All Items unsold by the end of this week will be taken to the Maple Ridge Swap Meet.

All offers considered!

Anyone interested in a purchase can contact me directly:


Thanks and 73

John Brodie VA7XB

Surrey ARC



New Westminster International Hyack Parade

Ken Clarke VE7BC needs volunteers


The New Westminster Hyack International Parade is on Saturday May 23. Operators assigned to the assembly area and parade officials will start communications at 08:00 and those assigned to points along the parade route will start a little later. The event starts at 10:30 with the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team and the parade follows. We are usually all done by around 13:00. Continue reading

World Radio Day

One of our fellow members pass the following along.
I wonder if the the following information might be of interest to the South Fraser Radio group.
Included is an interesting link to a Dutch SDR station.
I don’t know that there are any other professional radio operators other than myself in the group, but it might prove of interest to some.
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Standard General Affiliate Acquires 1743 Radio Shack Stores

As reported in the ARRL news

The 1743 retail outlets that survived RadioShack’s February bankruptcy have been acquired by General Wireless Inc, an affiliate of Standard General LP. General Wireless this week received US Bankruptcy Court approval to acquire the inventory and assume the leases of the RadioShack stores. The acquisition followed an auction, conducted under the US Bankruptcy Code. The current plan calls for “co-branding” about 1440 of the surviving stores with cellular phone provider Sprint Corp. Continue reading

TEN-TEC and Alpha Purchased from RF Concepts

As Reported in the ARRL
Less than a year after TEN-TEC and Alpha Amplifiers merged under the RF Concepts banner, the companies have changed hands. RKR Designs LLC of Longmont, Colorado, announced on April 2 that it has acquired the two brands’ assets RF Concepts. RKR said it plans to expand the product line while “continuing to service their customers.” RKR Designs principals are Ken Long, N0QO, Richard Gall, and Rich Danielson. Long, with more than 20 years in the electronics and Amateur Radio industries, will be president and CEO of the new company. Gall and Danielson of QSC Systems in Longmont have been a successful contract manufacturer, for over 20 years. QSC has been building Alpha amplifiers for more than 5 years and boards for TEN-TEC since RF Concepts bought the company last year. Continue reading