World Radio Day

One of our fellow members pass the following along.
I wonder if the the following information might be of interest to the South Fraser Radio group.
Included is an interesting link to a Dutch SDR station.
I don’t know that there are any other professional radio operators other than myself in the group, but it might prove of interest to some.


Subject: World Radio Day

FYI World Maritime Radio Day.

You can participate via SDR at:


Maritime Radio Day
is held annually to commemorate to the era of nearly 90 years of manual maritime radio. It does only work in wireless telegraphy (wt). All hams are invited to take part and work especially with former radio officers of the merchant marine and navy. See page Rules for detailed information and take part in this only cw event.
MRD 2015

will be held on April 14th 12h00 GMT until April 15th 22h00 GMT
Remote receive with SDR

Take part in future MRD events with remote SDR receiption from
the University of Twente, Netherlands:
Link to :