Machine Morse Code

I was having coffee with one of our fellow members the other day and he was saying how machine cw has changed the landscape of the mode.  He went on to say how can anybody copy 40 or 50 wpm without the use of a machine generate code program.

I guess it’s a sign of the times but to me with all the other digital modes out there I believe the the cw mode should be left to the “manual” key enthusiasts and not machine generated.  Oh, I know there are people out there who will say if you take the machine generated code away the mode will eventually vanish.

Maybe I have my head buried in the sand but I believe non machine morse code will always survive.  There are enough people who are intrigued by the dits and dahs and want to take the time to learn it.  It will never be as popular as it was when I got my license in the early eighties but it will always have that “niche” following.

So I say lets start a movement to convince fellow hams if they want to operate digitally stick with one of the many other digital modes out there and leave morse code (cw) to the old fashioned manual ways.

What’s everybody’s else take on this subject.  Am I and the other member missing something?  Please start a dialogue below and if you believe as I do then start promoting it.


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