It Seems The Process Of QSL Cards Is Getting Out Of Hand

Prior to the modern age of computers there were only two ways to confirm you made a contact, either by direct mail or the bureau.  Both are still viable options today.  Dont get me wrong I’m not against the computer age to confirm a QSO.

Now that we have been introduced to LOTW, eQSL, QRZ.COM, Club Log, etc. we have a much speedier process to confirm that contact.  Now comes the BUT!  Why can’t all these various log programs talk to one another?  Why frustrate the situation by having to upload to various sources just to confirm a contact?

Back when I got my license other then the satisfaction you had of making that rare DX contact the QSL card was your only proof that yes I DID IT.  Back then of course it could take a year or longer to receive that prized QSL card but today it can be done within moments of ending the contact.  That is a good thing but we could make it even better and really bring it into this modern age if all these logging programs would communicate between each other.

I remember one of the things that I was really proud about being a ham was telling my friends that some wonderful invention that had come out was actually old news to amateurs as they knew amateurs had developed this technology before going into the commercial field.  So why is it today LOTW (ARRL), eQSL, QRZ.COM etc we can’t say we’re leading the way?  We’re still back in the last century.  Let the ham pick his favourite logging program and you guys do the rest.  It’s not rocket science!

Although I use these logging programs, call me old school, but I still enjoy receiving paper QSL cards.

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