Have We Made The Radio Exams To Easy!

Having coffee last week with a fellow Coastal Ham Radio member, we were discussing how quiet the repeaters are and well just a lack of ham activity in general.  I mentioned my usual pet peeve about where are all these people who pass the exam and then we never here from them again.  His reply was maybe we have gone to far in making the radio exams easy.Taken a bit a back by that remark I asked him what he meant.  He went to say by making the exams to easy it’s just now an exam with very little value to it.  As he said if you don’t have to put in work to pass then the value to get involved and practice what you learned means nothing.  It’s just another course and the student will move onto the next course that is easy to pass.

That got me to thinking maybe he has a point.  I don’t think we have to go back to the morse code requirement or the block diagrams that I had to learn back in the early eighties, but maybe there should be a little more substance to the exams.  Just a suggestion but maybe more emphasizes on feed lines and antennas.  After all the way radios are built today very few people want to delve into the modern electronics.  Feed lines and antennas are still an area where most people who are really interested could understand.

Feel free to leave a comment whether you agree or disagree.


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