International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

This premier annual fun event began in 1995 when the Ayr Radio Group had the Scottish Northern Lighthouse Weekend. The concept proved so popular that it was renamed and opened up to the world.

Always held on the third weekend of August, it has steadily grown to now attract more than 500 lighthouses and lightship from about 50 countries.

The main reason for its popularity is that the weekend is a fun event, held under simple guidelines, and in the spirit of international goodwill.

With four weeks to go 350 registrations have been received. In 2014 there were 544, making it an average 20 a year increase over the last eight years.

In the lead so far is Germany on 64, followed by Australia 58, USA 45 and England 33.

Among the newest are Belgium ON4OS at Lange Nelle, Cuba CO9FAA Los Colorados, Malaysia 9M4LHX St Paul’s Church, Spain EG1LWC Corrubedo and Switzerland HB9FVR at Romanshorn.

If you want to register a marine navigation beacon for August 15-16, then please see the guidelines and online registration on the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend website at

Jim Linton VK3PC

Entrants Lists 2015

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