VOACAP Propagation Planner revisited!

VOACAP Propagation Planner is a comprehensive planning tool for HF contesters and DXers.

So far, the only problem has been that you really must have been a dedicated enthusiast to run all the software required to maximize your propagation-prediction planning efforts either in contests or DXpeditions.

Now, things have changed:
A new, more user-friendly version – 2.0 beta – is finally available!

The new online version now does all heavy-lifting and number-crunching on the VOACAP server, and visualizes the results in two ways: by CQ or ITU Zones (short-path or long-path) and by band-specific zone charts (short-path or long-path, as you wish). The tables can easily be copied to word-processing software if you wish to make them fit better on paper.

I strongly recommend using the Google Chrome browser to browse the pages as I found that some of the mainstream browsers on some platforms have a hard time printing (and even copying) table cells with a background color.


Jari OH6BG