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ARRL Complains to FCC About The Home Depot’s Marketing of RF Lighting Devices

Here’s something you don’t see every day.  I wonder if these are being sold in Canada?
[UPDATED 2015-07-20-1825 UTC] The ARRL has filed a formal complaint with the FCC, alleging that The Home Depot home improvement chain has been illegally marketing certain RF-ballast lighting devices in violation of FCC Part 18 rules. Accompanying the League’s July 14 letter to FCC Enforcement Bureau Spectrum Enforcement Division Chief Bruce Jacobs and Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory Division Chief Rashmi Doshi was a 20-page report prepared by the ARRL Laboratory’s Mike Gruber, W1MG. His report outlines four instances in which ARRL investigated The Home Depot’s marketing and sale to consumers of non-consumer-rated RF lighting devices. Continue reading

VE7IKX and the Mighty Mo

Hi Everyone:

the bands conditions were bad and Bill has called it a day.  I did kinda make a contact with them.  I tried to do a few posts earlier but was having issues with the site.  I did tweet a couple of locations that you can see on the right side.

He enjoyed himself was made an honorary member of the club and received a pin.  We will get him to write a post about his experiences once he gets back.