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– MESHNET a.k.a. BROADBAND HAMNET IS COMING STRONG TO Q’16! Kevin Hedgepeth (NB7O) and Tracy Lenocker (WA6ERA) are already preparing to lead a comprehensive, hands-on, and deep look at Mesh Net. Click on “MESHNET” on the Thursday schedule or go directly to read more at http://quartzfest.org/Q16-broadband-hamnet.html.

– BRING YOUR FAVORITE INSTRUMENTS AND SINGING VOICES TO Q’16! Preparation for the legendary QuartzFest HOOTENANNY is already in full swing! Russ (KB7YAF) is leading the program again and already has the music available for everyone to view or download from the QuartzFest website. Click on “HOOTENANNY” on the Thursday schedule or go directly to read more at http://quartzfest.org/hootenanny.html.

– GET YOUR FIRST HAM RADIO LICENSE OR UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING LICENSE AT Q’16. We will be conducting VE Testing on Saturday, Jan 23rd, at QuartzFest 2016. So start studying now and don’t forget to take advantage of all the experts at Q’16 to prepare for your exam, including attending a Q’16 seminar on how to take and pass a ham exam.

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