Shake Out BC – Coastal Ham Radio

I would like to thank both Coastal Ham Radio members and non members who checked into our portion of the ShakeOut BC event Thursday.  We offered several modes for check ins but voice simplex and RMS/WINLINK were the most popular.

As this was an exercise only we did arrange for a third party (VE3AJB) to accept our checkins.  The idea being if this was the real thing then any messages to family or friends would have been RMS/WINLINKED to him who would have relayed them forward.

Being an online club and a first attempt at emergency preparedness this proved to be a worthwhile exercise and we gained a lot of knowledge how we can serve in time of need.  My thanks to Don (VA7GL) who acted as a control center and Al (VE3AJB) In Ontario who accepted our checkins.


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