Happy Birthday To Coastal Ham Radio

It was one year ago today that I launched Coastal Ham Radio online club.  The questions that were swirling around my head that day were,  was there a need for such a club, would anybody join and most of all did I know what the hell I was doing.  Little did I realize 12 days later my wife would suffer a stroke and where did that leave Coastal Ham Radio.  Between Surrey Memorial and Laurel Place where she spent five months in care, playing around and fine tuning the Coastal Ham Radio site gave me the release I needed from our families medical issues.

I brought the club online with a soft opening, and to this very day I have left any promotion to be word of mouth and/or finding the site.  In the first year we have accomplished a few things.  Yes, hams did want to join and we do have a modest membership.  Our membership has expanded outside Metro Vancouver to Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We have had members become involved and contribute to the site. We sponsored repeater day back in the spring which we will repeat in 2016.  We participated in Shake Out BC a few days ago and in November we will be holding our first Christmas coffee get together.

We have had a good first year and with the membership base we have were only going to get better and more interesting.

Thank You for your support and believing in Coastal Ham Radio




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