ILLW a stand out on the calendar

(Editors note:  Just curious, do we have any lighthouses out here on the west coast that could be entered into this event for 2016? Before you ask, the lighthouse is on Mayne Island)
The premiere event, the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend already has 75 registrations from 20 countries, each eager to be part of this annual portable activity.The basic aims are to promote the heritage of navigation that kept seafarers safe, and expose modern Amateur Radio to the wider general community.

On August 20-21, a large number head for lighthouses, lightships and marine navigation beacons, using portable Amateur Radio to put them on air.

Whether you’re in the Americas, Australasia, Europe, South Africa or Asia, there will be plenty of action.

There were about 500 in nearly 50 countries this year, and it seems likely to be repeated in the 2016 event in August.

To see the registrations so far, perhaps make one yourself, read past reports, or the easy guidelines, visit the dedicated website

Jim Linton VK3PC


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