Back On The Bandwagon About Youth & Amateur Radio

Most of you who know me know I have been asking for many years now “How Do We Get The Younger People Involved In This Hobby”.  Usually when I bring it up I get the shrug of the shoulders and that’s about it.

Well the RGSB is at it again.  If you haven’t already seen it, check out the video that I posted back on November 3.  This time for the month of December they have YOTA.  If your under 26 your invited (licensed or not) to a demonstration on amateur radio and to try and make contacts.

I think this is an excellent idea and one that should be tried around VE7 land or the rest of the country for that fact.  I will discuss this idea with the membership shortly to see if we can establish something around here.



Leave a comment about this if you wish.

Below is the post about the event.


YOTA Month December 2015

This December, 14 participants around the UK will activate G*15YOTA, all operators are youngsters under the age of 26 and some will be trying amateur radio for the first time

The mix of participants is diverse; from schools, to universities and local clubs.

Read the full story with list of participants at

RSGB on Facebook

RSGB Youth Committee on Twitter



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