BCQP is just around the corner

The BCQP 2016 promotion bandwagon has now rolled out.

The most important thing to know is the date and time of the 2016 event: February 6, local time, 8am to 8pm (UTC 1600z Feb 6 to 0400z Feb 7).

The date seems way off in the future but it’s really just couple months from now.

Rules, tools, helpful hints, in-depth event analysis/reports and scores from past years, examples of the lovely photo-based certificates and plaques… all available for viewing from links on the BCQP page of the Orca DXCC website. Go to http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp.html
Certificates and Plaques
As always, top scores in every class of entry receive a one-of-a-kind certificate showcasing beautiful BC — different photo every year taken especially for this event. Definitely shack-worthy.
In addition, with the support of amateur radio clubs and individuals, we offer a terrific plaque program. For 2016, we have nine categories: Top BC Score (Single-Op), Top YL Score, Top Score Canada Outside BC, Top US Score, Most Electoral Districts Contacted, Top DX, Top Mixed Mode, Top Club Score in BC* (new!) and Top BC Score (Multi-Op) (new!).

*For members of a club to contribute to the aggregate score for the Top Club Score in BC plaque, each operator submitting a log MUST include his/her club affiliation in the Cabrillo header.

To see how the 2015 certificate and plaque photos turned out, go to http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp_awards.html
And there’s more! BC gained six new ridings in the recent federal election, bringing the riding count to 42. To encourage VE7/VA7s to activate as many of these federal electoral districts as possible — because these ridings are the multipliers in BCQP — we will have special certificates for the top score in each of the ridings. Just make at least 10 valid QSOs to qualify. The more operators who get on the air to activate their ridings, the more fun all participants will have in the search.
The Spotlight Is on BC
Every year, BCQP gains a higher profile and more participation from near and far. This is one of the very few regular events that puts BC in a spotlight, and since BC stations can contact anyone anywhere, including other BC stations, calling “CQ” will definitely attract attention. This isn’t a cutthroat, gotta-beat-the-world kind of contest. It’s casual. The goal is to have fun, and if that means laid-back, that’s OK; or fast-paced, that’s also fine. Ultimately, though, it’s an opportunity.
An opportunity to hone operating skills, try out a new mode, pass on knowledge to others, enjoy the camaraderie of a team effort, support a home-grown contest, beat last year’s score, capture a unique, photo-based certificate or maybe a plaque, test out equipment and/or software, practice for Field Day or some other on-air event, or simply, meet up with some good people.

BCQP is, increasingly, a fun event drawing interest from every direction. For a BC station calling “CQ”, there is definitely constant activity, including surprise DX.

Questions? Contact me at va7bec@rac.ca

Rebecca VA7BEC
BCQP Contest Coordinator, Orca DXCC




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