ILLW scores 100 registrations

ILLW scores 100 registrations

The interesting Avery Point Lighthouse in the grounds of University of Connecticut, has been named as the 100th registration for the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, to be held in August.

Dan Fegley W1QK joined by others from the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service, will activate the octagonal brown coloured concrete block tower.

It has eight 200-watt bulbs on a lantern desk that provided navigation for ships entering a cove east of Avery Point, and those passing through the Pine Island Channel.

Although built by March 1943, it was not lit until May 1944 because of concerns of possible enemy invasion.

The United States Coast Guard used the site for training including radio communications and navigation.

Dan Fegley W1QK and the group will enjoy making contacts and explaining Amateur Radio to a few visitors to the lighthouse.

Avery Point W1QK joins 15 other US lighthouses. This fun-event has Germany and Australia with about 60 registrations each, then comes England among 22 countries so far.

If you would like to read the simple event guidelines, or make a registration on the weekend of August 20-21, then visit the dedicated website

Jim Linton VK3PC


(There must be at least one one in British Columbia we could use to join in the fun!)


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