SOTA – Link dipole upgrade for 10.130 MHz 

Interesting post from VK1AD

Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life

What can a SOTA fanatic do with a broken plastic coat hanger? Good question you ask!

During a recent visit to Melbourne I broke the hook section of a plastic coat hanger, which at the time I cursed as I didn’t have a spare. For some bizarre reason I threw the broken coat hanger in my luggage for the return trip to Canberra.

Monday evening I was about to throw the coat hanger in the recycling bin when it occurred to me the coat hanger material has a round profile 6 mm in diameter, 1/4 inch in the old scale.  Hmm perfect lightweight material for a link insulator to compliment my SOTA 6/10/20/40m 1/2 wave link dipole by including a link for 30m 10.130 MHz.  Also the coat hanger material can be used to make a short insulated rod to couple a variable capacitor to a 6:1 reduction drive. Enough…

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