SOTA – Link dipole upgrade for 10.130 MHz 

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Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life

What can a SOTA fanatic do with a broken plastic coat hanger? Good question you ask!

During a recent visit to Melbourne I broke the hook section of a plastic coat hanger, which at the time I cursed as I didn’t have a spare. For some bizarre reason I threw the broken coat hanger in my luggage for the return trip to Canberra.

Monday evening I was about to throw the coat hanger in the recycling bin when it occurred to me the coat hanger material has a round profile 6 mm in diameter, 1/4 inch in the old scale.  Hmm perfect lightweight material for a link insulator to compliment my SOTA 6/10/20/40m 1/2 wave link dipole by including a link for 30m 10.130 MHz.  Also the coat hanger material can be used to make a short insulated rod to couple a variable capacitor to a 6:1 reduction drive. Enough…

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ILLW scores 100 registrations

ILLW scores 100 registrations

The interesting Avery Point Lighthouse in the grounds of University of Connecticut, has been named as the 100th registration for the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, to be held in August. Continue reading

[RAC-Bulletin] Larry Price, W4RA, appointed Honorary Member of Hall of Fame

Following the nomination by the Board of Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame is pleased to appoint Larry E. Price, W4RA, of Statesboro, Georgia as an Honorary Member of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

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Well that was an interesting day

Had some time to kill this afternoon, looked at the propagation charts and they weren’t that promising for 20 meters but decided to give it a try.  Three hours later I ended up with about 10 contacts, mostly in the US but a couple to Japan and one into Russia.  Quite happy with the day’s adventure.  Had a couple of computer issues along the way and an error code 339 in my DX Log Keeper log book to boot.  Don’t have a clue what that error code means.  Life’s good.  Anybody else on the bands today?  Let us know how you did



Special Event W1Q Is Now On The Air

Special Event station W1Q is now on the air until December 15, to celebrate QST’s 100th anniversary. The first QST was published in December 1915. W1Q will be active in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest, December 4-6, with Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, as the operator.

ARRL COO Harold Kramer, WJ1B, and volunteer operators will be on the air on various bands and modes throughout the month. This is not an official ARRL operation, and Kramer will handle all details, QSL cards, and LoTW entries. He will post additional information on his page under WJ1B. — Thanks to Harold Kramer, WJ1B

The 2015-2016 Shortwave Radio Buyer’s Guide

Despite the often-expressed view that shortwave may be on the decline, if one were to look at this year’s shortwave receiver technology alone, the truth would seem to be anything but. Remarkably, 2015 has been a great year for the shortwave radio listener, as several models of portables, tabletops, and SDRs have been either introduced or improved.

The following is a basic, easy-to-follow buyer’s guide to some of the best receivers on the market currently. This guide is, by no means, comprehensive; rather, it’s a selection of rigs I have tested, some of which I now own. It builds on the guide I published in the November 2014 issue of TSM, and highlights innovations since that issue, while still acknowledging the contributions of previous models.

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Santa Claus Active From The Arctic Circle

OH9SCL active from artic circle

Santa Claus Artic Circle Team (SACT) will be active from Santa Claus Land (OH9SCL) during this December.

This year activity will be very special. OH9SCL has now been active for 30 years from Artic Circle!!

This Activity will be mostly on HF-bands on all modes.

Operators include OH3BHL, OH9KL, OH9MDV, OH9MM and possible others. QSL via OH9AB. For more information check:

daily information can be found on facebook: