History of the Morse Key

Since the first Morse telegraph systems were introduced, an enormous variety of Morse keys or telegraph keys and keyers have been constructed.

From Straight keys including the Camelback Morse key, to automatic Morse keyers such as the Vibroplex, their development has seen many new innovations, and enormous changes in style.

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BCQP 2016 One Week Away

BCQP 2016 is just a week away!
1600z Feb 6 to 0400z Feb 6.
(That’s Feb 6, from 8am to 8pm in BC.) 

Please let your club members know that BCQP 2016 is coming up very soon. For anyone who is still unsure what BCQP is all about, direct them to the FAQ page at http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp_faq.html

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Trial for transatlantic VHF QSO this weekend


update 28.01.2016

Taken from Facebook from IZ7FLS Nico

Hi everybody.. News from the South of the World.. As some of you surely remember, Pieter v51pj created a work group on Whatsapp some months ago; the target of the group was to organize a challenge for the first terrestrial 2 way trans oceanic QSO on 144mhz. Pieter v51pj is now ready to attempt with the first of his new arrays; the group on Whatsapp is growing and many OMs are now supporting Pieter. One of them, Carlos py1mhz built a long rope yagi in order to make the first attempts.. According to William Hepburn http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo_sat.html model, Tropo conditions over the middle and South Atlantic sectors could be interesting during the next weekend. Tropo ducts could appear supported by large High Pressure areas and good meteo conditions. Pieter and Carlos will officially start this exciting challenge the next weekend. We really…

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Customized stamps used at D4C for QSL’ing


As of today, all D4C contacts confirmed via direct QSL will enjoy a special personalised D4C stamp by the Swiss Post.

We are persuaded this innovative service will be appreciated by our fellows HAM into philately.

This is another advantage in dealing with D4C .

Please refer to the contribution requirements here

D4C – Monteverde Contest Club
You call – we answer !


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VP8STI South Sandwich Island DXpedition news

Since early this morning, we have been experiencing blizzard like conditions with strong winds and heavy snow fall. Some of our antennas have become damaged by the high winds and the snow fall is making access to them very difficult. It is also increasingly difficult to re-fuel our generators.

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Well That Was Interesting While It Lasted

Having a bit of time late this morning flipped the power switch to see what was happening.  Working JT65 with 20 and 15 meters, especially 20, were just a hopping.  The waterfall was full.  Made a couple of contacts but it was hard to pick your spot with all that was on.

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