Gender imbalance in ham radio

An astrophysicist writes on Reddit about why she will no longer use the patronising and condescending term YL

In a thought provoking article Yvette Cendes KB3HTS highlights the serious gender imbalance in amateur radio. She notes fewer than 15% of US hams are women and says: Ham radio is not terribly good at making women feel like they belong in the field”, “I have long ago lost count how many patronizing comments I got in QSOs and “creepy old guy” comments.

Regarding the century-old term “YL” Yvette says: being called a YL is starting to feel really patronizing and condescending to me, in a way related to calling a grown man “boy.”

You can read her article .

(Ed note:  would be interested in hearing any comments on this subject especially from the female amateurs.  Leave your comment below.)


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