North Korea doubts emerge

Australia’s WIA News report that claims and a counter claim are being made about putting North Korea on the amateur bands with government approval.

3Z9DX of Poland is reported that he’s planning to be active from North Korea after a surprise short-term approval was given while in the country last year.

Doubt has now be cast hinting that P5/3Z9DX may not be telling the full story, and whilst you read the site there is even a claim 3Z9DX was NOT in P5 when the so called QSO’s last year were said to have been made.

While the DX community is divided by those who hope that a real activation of this rare DXCC entity will happen, and those who join the list of doubters we will endeavour to bring you the whole story on next weeks newscast… Fingers crossed!

Oh and a word of warning.

QRZNOW.COM IS NOT THE WELL RESPECTED QRZ.COM SITE and the many hypertext links throughout that story actually will transport you to advertising sites, not the sites you would expect! So safety locks on!

Source: Wireless Institute of Australia



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