South Sandwich Islands DXpedition (update 2200z)

Today at 21:20 UTC, Nigel Jolly, Braveheart owner, declared an emergency and ordered the VP8STI team to cease all operations and return to the ship.

A large ice flow that had broken away due last night’s storm starts to block the entrance to the Bay where they were camped. There was strong potential for the ice flow to prevent Braveheart to get them.

Team is now safely aboard the Braveheart and they are moving away from Southern Thule Is. All the equipment and personal gear is still on the island. They hope to return to camp site during next good weather window.

Once they retrieve their equipment, they could make a determination as to whether they can proceed to South Georgia to do VP8SGI as planned.


VP8STI/VP8SGI Chief Pilot