Antarctic Activity Week 2016

Look for this year’s 13th Antarctic Activity Week to take place between February 22-28th.

Complete details and a list of participants is available on the WAP Web site at:
The Web will have an updated list with callsigns and QSL Managers.

Josè, EA5FL, informs that a Special Radio Award will be issued by URE to those Hams/SWLs who will work (or hear) the Spanish Special Event stations during the 13th AAW.

Look for the following Spanish AAW stations:
AO3ANT (WAP-266), AO4HAG (WAP-242), AO5WAP (WAP-272), EG1PAA (WAP-273), EG5WAP (WAP-268) and EH5WAP (WAP-267).
The Award Manager is EA5DM and his E-mail is <>.
All 6 stations will have info about the Award on

The Spanish Special Event stations will be active on the HF bands. The Special Diploma will be sent free of charge to all participants that fulfill the required number of contacts on each of the four categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). Petitioners who qualify on each category may request their award by E-mail for their personalized Diploma to the Award Manager EA5DM <> indicating their callsign.

There is no need to send log, but SWLs must send a list. Due date to apply for the Award is March 15th, 2016. All Diplomas will be sent by E-mail free to petitioners who qualify.

PLEASE NOTE: Special AAW station EG1PAA (WAP-273) will be operating from Arousa Island (EU-80). QSL via EA1GIB, direct or by the Bureau.



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