From Quartzfest to Yuma

(Fellow CHR member VE7HRA recently attended the Yuma Hamfest.  Here’s is report on what the rest of us missed.)

This is the latest report from sunny warm Yuma, the temperature should be around 87f this afternoon. Warmer than normal.
Sponsored by the Yuma ARO this hamfest is growing every year. No estimate of attendance yet, but it is busy.
About 50 Swapmeet vendors set up outside in the blazing sun. Prices seen to be all over the place, but with the cdn peso this year all is expensive. Some good buys though. I have not seen anything that I needed though in the used stuff.
Inside with the commercial dealers lots of goodies there. Bought a couple of little items.
Seminars are really good this year, contesting, RFI for hams, kit building success, sdr, transistor insides, and others.
The Buzzard BBQ tonight with the door prizes to be had
Really enjoyable time in the sun



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