Link End Fed Half Wave Antenna and Tuner for SOTA

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QRP Multi-band EFHW antenna for SOTA

My take on a QRP EFHW inverted V antenna designed for use on three amateur radio bands 15m, 20m, and 40m.

From the feed point the total length is 20.1 metres (65.94 feet).

Links are inserted at 6.84 metres (21 MHz) and 10.05 metres (14 MHz).  For operation on 7 MHz close both links.  The counterpoise wire is 1.5 metres long or 0.05 of a wavelength on 40m.  The coax feedline between the EFHW tuner and the radio is 2 metres long.

Reference site:  Steve Yates AA5TB  The End Fed Half Wave Antenna

Link EFHW for SOTA Link EFHW antenna for SOTA

Antenna winder: TET-Emtron (Perth), Squid Pole: Harverford (Sydney)

EFHW antenna 15/20/40 metres and winder EFHW antenna 15/20/40 metres and winder.

nylon dog-bone end insulator nylon dog-bone end insulator

squid pole center supportperspex squid pole center support

EFHW Antenna EFHW antenna components

Link Insulator:  30mm length of 6mm fiberglass rod, salvaged from a UHF mobile antenna

Connectors: automotive spade connector male and…

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