My JT 65 10 Meter Report For April 2

Turned on the radio to my usual 20 meter spot and the waterfall was crammed from one side to the other.  Didn’t stay there long as I find it a little frustrating when everybody is on top of one another.  Moved to 15 meters and their was a fair amount of activity and made a few contacts.

As I have said in the past when 15 is open their’s a good chance 10 meters could have some activity.  The propagation chart displayed on many sites including CHR said 10 was poor and of course band conditions dot com doesn’t even list 10 at the moment.  But as I expected, yes their was activity on 10 and actually a bit more then I thought.  Saw an Argentinian on but couldn’t make a contact.  A couple of Brazilian Stations were also active.  Did make a couple of contacts back on the US east coast and into Texas.

Checking PSK Reporter I found my signal being picked up along the east coast and into Brazil.  Can’t help but wonder if hams would just throw caution to the wind, how much more activity we might see on 10 meters if they would just give it a try.  It’s quite a bit of fun to see some DX on 10 and they come back to you very quickly since the majority of hams aren’t even trying 10.

I’m giving away my little secret, Give 10 Meters A Try, You Never Know.