VE3KCL balloon S-9 over Atlantic

On April 10, Canadian radio amateur David Beverstein VE3KCL launched a balloon transmitting WSPR, JT9 and CW in the 10 MHz (30m) band

WSPR messages are used for tracking – one normal WSPR message and one with a special data protocol to provide altitude, speed, IARU locator 5/6th characters, battery voltage, temperature and GPS/satellite status.

The transmitter has about 16mW power output, on 10 MHz band. It is sending CW and JT9 as well. Altitude is a little over 10,000m. So far it has traveled in several loops around Greenland and the North Atlantic.

Frequencies used are 10.1060 MHz CW, 10.140265 WSPR and 10.40480 JT9.

Daily reports on the balloon’s progress are at


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