St Paul Island DXpedition August 19-29th

As was reported previously, we will have two separate sites…separated approximately 1.5 miles.

Site 1 will be the Atlantic Cove site with 6 operators. We will try
to keep 4-5 radios running and more if 12/10m opens. Our plan is to
have a RTTY station active at all times. From this site 160 will be
given lots of attention with the Battle Creek Special antenna.

Site 2 – the Northeast Point separate island will be enhanced to include
4 -5 operators active at all times, thus the dxpedition in total can
potentially have 8-10 radios working most of the time. We are seriously
considering 6m EME and Satellite, however, we need to work out the
planning details. And, as always, budget matters are a significant
consideration as we expand operations. We appreciate the support by
many to date. The desire is to make this a very complete operation
that will offer fun and meeting needs for all interests.

The CY9C Web page is:

Randy, N0TG