Thanks to all who used a repeater yesterday 

I spent some time yesterday participating in repeater day. Most of my activity was on the VE7SUN VHF repeater. For awhile it was like the old days with a group discussion with VE7BGJ & VE7GHW. As we finished with our group discussion their was a little lapse and the next thing I knew fellow CHR member VA7JK was calling and we had a rather lengthy gab fest. Once clear of JK another small quiet interval and another CHR member VE7KWK was calling. In all I would say we had the repeater active for close to 50 minutes in the first hour. I then swung over to the VE7RSL repeater and manged to raise VE7CZV and we had a 5-10 minute QSO.
In scanning around I heard activity on the Nanaimo repeater and .732 machine on Saltspring. I finished up back on the SUN repeater where I had a very short QSO with VE7WLF.
In all I would say we accomplished a lot and hopefully it will be better next year. If some of our CHR members used other repeaters leave a note in the comment section and let us know how you made out.
Thanks to everyone who participated on Repeater day and helped to keep the repeaters in use.
Gord – VE7FKY


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