SIM31 For The Digital Folks Out There

I discovered a relatively new mode last week.  It’s called SIM 31.  It’s an extension of PSK but I kinda look at as a cross between PSK and JT65.  With Sim31 and its preselected macros you can set it to auto pilot and let it do its thing.  It will answer a CQ call do two rounds and sign off.   There’s also a manual key where you can start typing just like in PSK. You also don’t need to worry about language barriers as you select which language you wish to use and translations are done for you.  The software is free and the setup is rather painless.

SIM31 popularity seems to be based mainly in Europe from what I’ve seen on Hamspots. So far I’ve seen three North American stations involved and I’ve worked two out of the three.  Since I have a hard time getting into Europe, it would be great if we could get more VE & K’s involved so we can all put this mode to a test and put it through its paces and have some fun.

For more info and to download the software just click.

You tube video of a sim31 QSO.


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