Happy Canada Day

All Coastal Ham Radio members wish both members and non members alike a fantastic and safe Long Weekend.  For those DX’ers outside the country try to make a contact with VE/VA and remember the RAC Canada Day contest starts at 0:00 UTC July 1.



Capacitor types – Properties of different types of capacitor

Capacitor types – Properties of different types of capacitor

Find out all about the different properties of the various capacitor types: electrolytic; ceramic; tantalum; plastic film. Find out what they are; how they can be used; and the various attributes of each type.


More details: http://www.electronics-radio.com/arti…

Website: http://www.electronics-radio.com

Radio Caroline ham radio station

(Editors note:  This brings back a lot of memories of growing up in the ’60’s for me even here in Canada.)

The Essex-based Martello Tower Group will be operating special event station GB5RC from the MV Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroline, to commemorate five decades of offshore radio broadcasting

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P5, North Korea operation

Earlier in the week Dom, 3Z9DX, has received confirmation from the North Korean government to make a return trip to P5 and operate amateur radio with equipment for up to 5 days. Continue reading


BCQP 2016 Results


Sorry if I am duping you in the notification process but better to be in the loop than forgotten/ignored.

The official results and the post-event report for BCQP 2016 have been uploaded to the BCQP section of the Orca DXCC website and are now available for viewing and downloading in PDF format. The report includes my thoughts as contest coordinator, the usual number crunching and a summary of results. Continue reading


Twitter HF Activity Challenge


The daily Twitter HF Activity Challenge (THFAC) has been started as a fun way to encourage more HF activity.

The basic idea is to log contacts for a 45 minute period. The Challenge has been designed to be a way to make your activity more focused. Continue reading


VP8STI – Video

For those who made a contact or tried to make a contact with the VP8STI this Vimeo video takes you through the dxpedition.


Where did all the sunspots go?

Something interesting is happening on the sun.
On Friday, June 3rd, the sunspot number dropped to 0, and the solar disk is still blank this weekend.

This is a sign that the sun is slowly shifting into a new phase of the solar cycle.

Learn more about the transformation on Spaceweather.com.

I spotted this post on Southgate ARC.


1953 film The Transistor


SWLing Post highlights a 1953 film that anticipates the transistor’s impact on technology

Watch The Transistor: a 1953 documentary, anticipating its coming impact on technology


SWLing Post


Amateur Radio & Distracted Driving In BC

(Editors note:  Received this email from Lou VE7CGE today regarding BC and the distracted driving.  Please read it and take notice.  If you wish to leave a comment please do, but keep it in good taste and no finger pointing please.)

I am attaching an e-mail that I received today from my good friend Fred Houghton VE7FFK regarding distracted Driving by Radio Amateurs. I have added some of my own comments as well as the very special article on this subject by Bill Gipps VE7XS our Pacific region RAC Director. Continue reading