Amateur Radio & Distracted Driving In BC

(Editors note:  Received this email from Lou VE7CGE today regarding BC and the distracted driving.  Please read it and take notice.  If you wish to leave a comment please do, but keep it in good taste and no finger pointing please.)

I am attaching an e-mail that I received today from my good friend Fred Houghton VE7FFK regarding distracted Driving by Radio Amateurs. I have added some of my own comments as well as the very special article on this subject by Bill Gipps VE7XS our Pacific region RAC Director.
There is quite a bit to digest along with warnings not to use your radio while the vehicle is in ,motion.
If you have any comments or suggestion about this subject, please send them along to Bill Gipps . Please feel free to send this information to your Amateur Radio Friends. Bill Gipps has done a good job here. Please give RAC your support.

73 Lou Beaubien VE7CGE



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