Wire Antenna Knowledge Needed

One of our CHR’s members, a relatively new ham, is working with a long wire antenna and has questions regarding a counterpoise.  I have posted his question below and he’s looking for help.  At our last coffee gathering we got into this topic in much more broad sense of terms so please if you have a suggestion whether it’s out of an old antenna book from way back when or you have tried something outside of the box and it’s working for you please post your ideas in the comment section below.  Any help appreciated.


We had a brief discussion during the July coffee about Long wire antennas ands and the use of CAT5 (network wire) as a counterpoise. This was of interest to me as my long wire does not have a counterpoise at this time.

So when using CAT5 wire for the counterpoise;
Do you use individual wires for each band or do you use a “twisted” pair for band?
There are 8 wires, or 4 pairs in a cat5 cable
What do you think of my wire lengths below?
The math I used is freq/143 then divided by 2 for ¼ wave length (and converted to feet).




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