You Never know who your going to run into at a CHR coffee meeting

At our monthly Coastal Ham Radio coffee gathering we are sitting around discussing band conditions and the guy at the next table asks us if we’re hams?  We say yes and he says he’s a long time ham also.  We invite him to join us and he introduces himself.  Well a lot of years have past since we last saw each other and we didn’t recognize each other at first but it turned out, a bit after I got my license back in the ’80’s, he was one of the first hams I really got to know.  I can always remember one night getting a phone call from him saying we had to come over right away and see this.  My son VE7IKX and myself hopped in the car and got wowed at this new form of ham radio called packet.  At that point I was hooked on a digital mode albeit quite rudimentary by what’s going on in the digital world today.  Good to see you again Bob and hopefully you can join us again one day.