Radio Amateur Swap Canada

Hi my name is Aaren, VA7AEJ and I’ve just launched –
Radio Amateur Swap Canada.

It is a coast to coast Canadian classified ad site just for Ham Radio gear. Think of it as Craigslist or Kijiji without the used cars and old refrigerators.

It’s a place to list your For Sale or Wanted items and get national coverage.

– Accounts are FREE
– Classified ad’s are FREE.
– Seller access is for Canadian Amateurs (via their callsign at registration).
– Adding photos to your ad is very easy and encouraged.
– Ad’s are sorted by categories (like Transceivers, Antennas, & Amplifiers) and identified by region (province).
– All the ads are searchable.
– Most important your information is secure as we use site wide SSL encryption.

Shop or sell without having to ship across international borders (no customs and duty fees) and all items are listed in Canadian dollars.

Right now I’m working hard to promote the website since a swap & shop site without many ad’s is pretty boring to look at.

Our traffic is growing every day and I’m hoping everyone can visit and create some free ad’s if you’re selling any Amateur Radio gear at this time.

Your feedback is welcome, and any help you can give promoting this one-man operation is truly appreciated.

Please bookmark the site and share this with everyone in your circle of ham friends.



Aaren, VA7AEJ


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