SOTA – 40m link Inverted V dipole antenna upgrade for 3.5 MHz

Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life

In recent months 7 MHz NVIS propagation has taken a fall off the propagation-cliff to be replaced by its 5 MHz and 3.5 MHz siblings.

As the sun’s natural 11-year solar cycle moves closer to a solar minimum, radio amateurs are experiencing a change in the MUF.   Since January this year the NVIS frequency has moved south from a comfortable position above 7 MHz to 5 MHz and is likely to move lower in the next 12 to 24 months.  Unfortunately radio amateurs in Australia don’t have an allocation in the 60m band (5 MHz) therefore the next lowest frequency to attempt NVIS propagation is 3.5 MHz. Conveniently 3.5 MHz is available to all licence classes including the Foundation class.

For SOTA activators operating in the south-east of Australia and who get of bed early to be on a summit by 2200 to 2300 UTC (9 am local), now…

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