North American and European Summits on the Air ‘Super activation’ November 19th

After the success of the Australia-Europe Summit-to-Summit event in October, Gerald G4OIG suggested a similar event, this time between Europe and North America. The SOTA community has rallied behind him.

Both ends of the event will have to deal with wintery weather, but despite that, at the time of writing ten days before the event, twenty eight stations located in Europe, North America and one in Africa, have already indicated that they intend to participate. Many activators can only confirm the day before and so the final number of summits is certain to be even higher.

Instead of the early morning activations the Europeans had in the VK – EU event, this time it will be those in North America who will need to set the alarm clock. For Europe the 1400 – 1700 UTC time slot makes this a nice afternoon activation. In the US and Canada this equates to 0900 – 1200 on the East Coast and 0600-0900 local time on the West Coast.

The full details are as follows:

Date Saturday 19th. November 2016
Time 1400 to 1700 UTC
Bands any that are open
Modes any that you can operate from a summit. As well as SSB and CW there will be three summits transmitting in PSK31.

Most stations will be running low power. A few, however, plan to take 100-watt capable rigs onto the summit. Antennas in general are wire-based – both horizontal and vertical polarised.

The aim of the event is to get as many Summit to Summit – “S2S” – contacts as possible. The summit contacts can be between North America and Europe or within the regions themselves. Home-based “chasers” are also welcome to contact the summit activators to gain points in the Summits on the Air award scheme.

There’s talk now of an Australia to North America Summit-to-Summit event, that would then complete the circle around the World by Summits on the Air !