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RAC has made the following announcement:

Allan Munnik, VA7MP/VE7RMP, was appointed as the new Director for the British Columbia/Yukon Region

Congratulations Al, a fellow CHR member.

Heres the full RAC Bulletin

RAC Bulletin November 2016 | Radio Amateurs of Canada Welcomes New Directors

Following the call for nominations for Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada’s Atlantic, Ontario North/East, Midwest and British Columbia/Yukon Regions, RAC would like to welcome the following Radio Amateurs to our Board of Directors:
Dave Goodwin, VE9CB, was elected as the new Director for the Atlantic Region
Allan Munnik, VA7MP/VE7RMP, was appointed as the new Director for the British Columbia/Yukon Region
Bjarne (Bj) Madsen, VE5FX, was elected as the new Director for the Midwest Region
RAC would also like to congratulate Allan Boyd, VE3AJB, on his re-election as the Director for the Ontario North/East Region. Allan was first appointed by the RAC Board of Directors as the Director for Ontario North/East in January 2016 to fill the vacant position of RAC’s newly elected President Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA. In addition to serving as Director, Allan also serves as the Section Manager for Ontario North. For more information about Allan please visit: http://wp.rac.ca/new-rac-director-for-ontario-northeast

All Directors will begin their two-year term on January 1, 2017 until December 31, 2018. Biographies of each of the new Directors have been provided below.

RAC would also like to welcome James Hay, VE2VE, as Deputy Director for the Quebec Region. James previously served as RAC Special Advisor, Technical and Administrative Services and was responsible for RAC’s information technology infrastructure. He is also the Secretary-Treasurer of the Montreal Amateur Radio Club (VE2ARC).

Our constitution places a limit of three terms for Directors. I’d like to thank the three departing Directors – Bill Gipps, VE7ISV/VE7XS (Director of the British Columbia/Yukon Region), Derek Hay, VE4HAY (Director of the Midwest Region) and Ev Price, VO1DK (Director of the Atlantic Region) – who completed their third term as Directors at the end of 2016. Their hard work in the important role of Director and their contributions on various assignments throughout their terms made major contributions to Radio Amateurs of Canada. I am sure they will continue to contribute to Amateur Radio in Canada in the future.

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA
RAC President and Chair



New RAC Director Dave Goodwin, VE9CB:

Dave Goodwin, VE9CB, provided the following information:

“I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1960. I came into Amateur Radio through shortwave listening, starting at age 11. I earned my Amateur Radio licence in 1975 at age 15, and earned my Advanced Certificate one year later.

My primary interests in Amateur Radio are DXing and contests on the HF bands. I have held many Canadian records and I have placed among the top scorers in many contests. I have been involved in many other aspects from extensive public service work to VHF, UHF and microwave weak-signal operating. My preferred mode is CW, but I also operate SSB regularly and 2 metre FM while mobile.

I have played a leadership role in local and national Amateur organizations. I am currently the President of the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club (FARC) and was an instructor in FARC’s most recent Basic Amateur Certificate course. I served as RAC’s Atlantic Director from 2004 to 2006 and as RAC President in 2008. I managed RAC’s contests for several years and I was the author of TCA’s ‘Contest Scene’ column for 20 years.

I am married to Melanie, who is extremely supportive and encouraging of my involvement in Amateur Radio. I am the father and step-father to four adult children. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and I have been a federal public servant for over 30 years.

I have lived in five provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta) and I have operated from 20 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. I read, write and speak English and French fluently, and I have a limited command of Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

My grandfather, Harold Goodwin, was an Amateur and he earned his licence in 1927 in Saint John, New Brunswick. He initially held “1CB” before there were prefixes, then VE1CB. I am very proud to hold the contemporary equivalent of his call sign. I also hold call signs VO1AU, VO2AAA, VE3AAQ and US Extra class licence as W8SR.

I have been a member of RAC, or its predecessor, ever since I earned my licence. I am a Maple Leaf Operator member of RAC and I am a life member of the Radio Society of Great Britain, the American Radio Relay League and the Quarter Century Wireless Association.”

New RAC Director: Allan Munnik, VA7MP/VE7RMP

Allan Munnik, VA7MP/VE7RMP, provided the following information:

“I was brought up by a father who enjoyed communication, mostly with people around the word using his CB Sideband Radio and Antennas. In the 1970s, while working out of Prince George, British Columbia, I travelled a great deal and talked with people all over Northern BC with my CB Sideband Mobile.

In the 1980s, I lived on a 40-foot power boat and was a very active member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (now the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue) and communicated with other boaters and the Rescue Coordination Centre on Vancouver Island. In the 1990s, I lived in Vernon, BC and was active with Search and Rescue where we communicated using commercial frequencies, and it was there that I became seriously interested in Amateur Radio and became an Amateur. Living back in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, I joined the Langley Amateur Radio Association and served as its President from 2007 to 2009 then again in 2013. I am still a Director with the club.

In 2005, I took the Radio Communications Station Management Course with Emergency Management BC and became a Station Manager. I spent many hours in the Radio Room as Station Manager during the Olympics and through each fire season. After spending eight years with the Langley Emergency Social Services as a responder and then in their communication division, I retired from this volunteer work but still make myself available when there is a need.

For the past five years, I served as the Assistant Director for the Fraser Valley in BC and I have attended many of the swap meets on behalf of Radio Amateurs of Canada.

My father owned a plumbing company and I was brought up playing with pipes, fittings and controls and in 1969 I became a Journeyman Plumber. I left my father’s company and worked in the many locations mentioned above for both union and non-union companies. I came back to my family business in 1982 and eventually purchased the company. In 1997, I purchased McNicholls Foundry & Tool Supply, a company that sold equipment to the school metal workshops in BC. Since purchasing McNicholls I have expanded the business to sell across Canada and around the world. I have recently retired as a plumber but shall continue with the McNicholls side of the business.”

New RAC Director: Bjarne (Bj) Madsen, VE5FX

Bj Madsen, VE5FX, provided the following information:

“I have been fascinated with radio since I was a kid on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. I built crystal radios and experimented with antennas and DXed for broadcast stations at night. However, it took a few years before I finally got serious and studied for and earned my Basic Amateur Operator’s Certificate in 1978, licensed as VE5ADA. At that time, we had to spend the first year on CW only and I was immediately bitten by the DX bug and worked DXCC that first year on CW. The following year, I acquired the Advanced Certificate and call sign VE5FX and discovered contesting on SSB. I continue to chase DX as there are still a couple of countries that elude me. I also do a bit of contesting, primarily in the two RAC contests.

In the early 1980s, I took on the role of provincial Incoming QSL Manager for VE5, originally for the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation and later, of course, for Radio Amateurs of Canada. It was a great way to get to know the Amateurs in VE5-land and I ran the incoming bureau for over 20 years.

With the restructuring of Amateur Radio licence requirements and the initiation of the Accredited Examiner program in the late 1990s, I volunteered to serve as an Examiner and have served in that capacity ever since. Over the years, I have taught many Amateur Radio classes to young and old alike.

When Bob Shehyn, VE5FY, held the position of RAC Midwest Director, I served as his Assistant Director for several years. When Rick Lord, VE4OV, took over as Midwest Director in 2000, I continued to serve as Assistant Director and when he resigned in 2002 I was asked to fill in the position of Midwest Director for the remainder of his term. I held that position until the end of 2008. Last year, I began serving as Deputy Director for Derek Hay, VE4HAY.

During my terms as Midwest Director, I initiated a study on the concept of having a Youth Education Program (YEP), and when this was accepted by the Board I launched the program and ran it until I gave up the Directorship in 2008. I also headed the study on the Restructuring of Amateur Radio in Canada and led the team that did the Canada-wide survey and produced the report for Industry Canada and the RAC Board, making recommendations for restructuring.

Professionally, I began working as an Architectural and Engineering Technologist for a few years and then went back to school to become a Teacher. I taught public school in Weyburn, Saskatchewan for 28 years and ran a radio club for the students for most of that time. When I retired from teaching in 1999, my wife Kathy, VE5FL and I moved to Tisdale, Saskatchewan where we established an acreage. While teaching, I also operated a photography business for a few years and later worked as a Financial Advisor, which I continue to do on a limited basis.”


Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director
720 Belfast Road, #217
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5
613-244-4367, 1- 877-273-8304


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