Burnaby Swap Meet Sunday March 5

(Lou has sent me some info regarding the swap meet this year.  You can also check their webpage for info )

Dear friends.
It is Swap Meet again on Sunday March 05 2017. We are attaching some promotional material that you can share with your friends and club members.
We have already received some requests for tables. It is our intention to sell out all the tables by mid February like we did last year. All tables need to be prepaid by that time and we have set up a Pay Pal service on our website http://www.ve7bar.org. We pay the service charge for Pay Pal.

Since we expect to sell out the tables quickly, we will accept your requests in order received and confirm this with you by e-mail.

Like last year we will be asking that anyone who wishes to share a table to let me know and we will connect you to another person.

If you have a helper at your table, we need the name and call sign of that person (if available). All tables sell for $25.00 which includes one person (same as last year).
If you have more than one table, each table includes a helper.

Since we are not a large club, we will arrange for all dealers to come in first.We will ask some friends of the club to come early to help us set up tables.
They can bring in their stuff early too.

If you have any questions about the Swap Meet,please send me an e-mail or give me a call. We will be sending you more detailed information prior to March 03 2017

Sincere Thanks

Lou Beaubien VE7CGE. Swap Meet Chair.




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