Testing HF antennas

Testing HF antennas is a tricky thing to do. Simple on-air test are seldom conclusive and are more often than not, they are just plain confusing. SOTABEAMS has come up with a completely new way to test antennas, locations and to monitor propagation using the WSPR system.

SOTABEAMS system consists of two parts; WSPRlite a WSPR beacon with electronic power control and DXplorer.net a data analysis website.

WSPRlite sends a test transmission which is received by hundreds of stations across the world. DXplorer.net is a web based system that gathers these reports and presents them in a whole new way, allowing the user to check the DX performance of their antenna system. However, the real break-though is the ability to compare systems in real time and all over the world. DXplorer.net does this in a simple and intuitive way enabling you to see what difference changes to your antenna system really make to its DX performance.

More information on WSPRlite and DXplorer.net is available at:

(As seen on Southgate ARN)