My Digital Weekend


January hasn’t been to kind to me.  I have been plagued with this stomach flu going around and I just can’t seem to get over it.  Radio has just taken a back seat.  From the propagation reports either off the Internet or talking to other local hams they said conditions were bad and I wasn’t missing much.

Feeling much better toward the end of last week I decided to flip the power switches and see what was happening on the airwaves.  On Friday the propagation reports said my best chance was 40 or 80m.  Any other band was a dead loss according to the charts.  So of course, I fired up 20m jt65 to see what was happening and hey what do know there was a little activity there.  Threw out my CQ and had 3 contacts in a row.

Well that was 20m off to a good start, should I be so daring as to try 15m?  Sure why not.  Oh oh the waterfall looks pretty blank but what the heck lets try a couple of CQ’s and see what happens.  Well what you know about that my CQ’s rustled up a few out of the bushes and I ended up with another 4 contacts including one into Brazil.  So on the radio for less then 90 minutes and 7 contacts.

Same story on Saturday, reports say only 40 and 80 are the only ones worth their salt, but theirs me on 20m jt65 making many more contacts plus one on 20m PSK.  I did try 15m and it was pretty quite but did make 1 contact.  Late afternoon early evening did make a couple on 40m also, including Ted using his 150 special event call sign CG7LE.  Now that’s what I call real DX since we’re only a few KM’s as the crow flies fro each other.  Hi Hi!

Sunday was another repeat with 20m, my CQ’s were being answered one after the other.  Stayed on that band and came away with 12 jt65 contacts and a lengthy PSK contact into Quebec.

So although the charts say the band is bad, give it a try you never know.