BCQP Log Deadline


This is a general reminder to clubs in BC about the log submission deadline for BCQP 2017. The deadline is March 7, 2017. Continue reading


Wondering How Fldigi Works


Whether your new to the digital modes or a seasoned pro, Rick (K4REF)’s video on FLdigi is a good video to watch.  Although there’s a few software packages out there for the digital modes Fldigi is one of the most common. Continue reading


VK1AD – 24 hour WSPRLite at 200 mW

Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life

Results of my WSPRLite operation over the last 24 hours. Having operated the WSPRLite beacon into a 40m OCF for 7 days it’s time for me to turn on my receiver and spend this weekend listening for WSPR signals on 20m (14 MHz), I’m keen to receive a WSPR signal from K5ACL Austin Texas.  I won’t be sitting next to the radio, I have a list of domestic duties to complete!    Next week I will change the WSPRLite operating frequency to 30m (10 MHz) with a lower power setting.

VK1AD WSPRLite on 20m - 24 hour period 20:00 UTC 23/02/17 to 20:00 UTC 24/02/17 VK1AD WSPRLite 200 mW on 20m – 24 hour period 20:00 UTC 23/02/17 to 20:00 UTC 24/02/17

VK1AD WSPRLite on 20m VK1AD WSPRLite @ 200 mW on 20m

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MacLoggerDX Version 6.08 released


MacLoggerDX Version 6.08 released

Dog Park Software is pleased to announce that version 6.08 of MacLoggerDX has been released. Continue reading


Update On Distracted Driving In BC

Here’s the latest on the distracted driving legislation.  There’s a second link regarding some background how all this came to be. Continue reading


Ham Trip To The South

(Editors note:  fellow CHR member VE7HRA once again is on his annual adventure to the south and his visits to the hamfests.  He files the following report)


Oh what to do to get out of the cold BC winter?
Well let’s just head south and see what we can do that is ham related.
Ah, Quartzfest, the third week of January. Let’s dry camp in the middle of the Arizonia desert for a week. 6 miles south of Quartzsite Az. Pull of Highway 95 follow the signs and look for all of the RV’s with strange antennas sticking up. A week camping with lots of like minded folks. Seminars, demo’s, campfires, hobo stew, cast iron cooking, a hootenanny, meeting old friends and a Saturday early morning swapmeet. What could be better. Continue reading


LINC: The Smart Walkie Talkie

I just wanted to reach out to you about our acceptance into Motorola’s ‘Transform your Smartphone’ Challenge.

We are honored that our idea was picked to be a MotoMod and we would like to officially launch our project. Continue reading


Keychain Radio

Received an email this morning from Twitter advising we had a new follower to our twitter feed.  Noticed in the bio that Twitter sent this chap was indeed a ham. Continue reading


ClubLog’s DXCC Most Wanted List

ClubLog has updated their latest ‘DXCC Most Wanted List’ as of January 31st. Continue reading